September 17, 2021

Israeli lawyer tips: How to easily buy land in Israel as a foreigner according to land law in Israel?

land in Israel, is a complex process of land ownership between land law and policy in Israel. An Israeli lawyer can help mitigate risk associated with land purchase in israel
Israeli lawyer tips: How to easily buy land in Israel as a foreigner according to land law in Israel? 2

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Can you own property in Israel? Can you own Land in Israel?; the answer might surprise you.

Land ownership in Israel as a foreigner is certainly possible according to Israel land law 1969, and even a good investment opportunity. Seeing how the real estate in Israel as market grew in the last 10 years in Israel and how the prices went up. Nevertheless, there are some complexities that have to be taken into account when deciding to do such a big investment in a foreign country. 

What are land and property laws in Israel for foreigners?

Besides the logistic or technical problems of buying land in Israel, there are also problems that could occur from flying into the Country just once a year or even not having the possibility to fly in. There are bureaucratic and legal issues in the holy land that have to be taken care of. Also, not having a bank account in Israel or moving the money to Israel could be one of the complications.

Taxes in Israel are different for citizens or foreigners.

One of the things that is important to know before you buy land in Israel, is that Tax legislation on land in Israel is different for Israeli citizens and for foreigners. In the case of a Foreign Resident, the Purchase Tax in Israel will be paid as if he was an Israeli Citizen that already has other properties. This Tax is paid in relation with the price of the house even on cheap real estate in Israel, between 8% and 10% of the price. All land has to be registered in Israel lands authority. Sorry folks, no free land in Israel.

Regarding the possibility of a Mortgage, a Foreign Resident can get one, but banks are really careful in this process, being that they could give lower amounts of mortgages or take a long time to approve it, in comparison with an Israeli Citizen.

Regarding the registration and other documents that have to be filed upon buying a house in Israel, it is important to note that, although they can be submitted without the need of flying in, they will be in Hebrew and professional assistance should be used in order to avoid any problem in the future.

Taking all that into account, Israeli land acquisition law allows a foreign resident can buy property in Israel with Israeli lawyer with more confidence.

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