Israeli Business and Corporate litigation

An Israeli law office for business and corporate matters, for those residing outside the state of Israel
Solve business matters and conduct business transactions in Israel with an Israeli lawyer 

Menora Law represents individuals from the private sector and companies, big and small, in providing business advice and representation in Israeli business litigation involving breaches of contract, partnership disputes, business torts, open legal entities and companies, and various commercial transactions and relationships in Israel, representing companies in Israeli courts and government authorities.

Our Israeli attorney's also give advice and guidance to companies involving contract, employee and HR issues, as well as representation of individuals and companies in business matters and claims involving:

Breach of Contract, written or oral
Employment Contracts and Severance Agreements
Partnership Disputes
Unfair business practices
Negligent misrepresentation
Patent infringement

An Israeli lawyers can assist an individuals, a small business, or an international company to in Israel. Including representation in Israeli courts and  before the law enforcement authorities and the court system.

We encourage and support foreign companies to develop and expansion in Israel, including open a branch, negotiate an acquisition of existing Israeli company. list an international company on the Tel Aviv stock exchange, and represent a  foreign company on all its business legal matters in Israel.

An expert lawyer in Israeli business litigation will be assigned to your specific needs and market niche, guide and advise you as a businessman or company on Israeli law to conduct business in Israel legally from out of state and out of the country.

Our team will understand your needs and the market you operate in to prepare all types of commercial contracts that best represent your interest in the competitive Israeli market for foreign companies and businessmen who wish to do  business in Israel on regular basis.
We work closely with the CEO's, CFO's and Corporate Lawyers of companies to help them and solve problems and conduct business legally in Israel.

Foreign companies are doing business in Israel, which can have the opportunity access for cooperation between companies we represent in Israel and other international companies, an Israeli lawyer can help you to get in touch and start negations with international corporations and companies in Israel such HP and Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google, Motorola, Yahoo, Nokia, Samsung and Intel to list a few. Currently in Israel there are 250 research and development centers of foreign high-tech and bio tech companies.

Give us a call today to discuss your the best approach to develop and grow your company in Israel  - today.

An Israeli Attorney to represent and fight for your rights and your business in Israeli court.

Our Israeli law office represents on companies in the Israeli business market

For 15 years, our firm provides business litigation and counsel in Israel to international clients

 Israeli lawyer who specializes in business and corporate law in Israel

A Israeli lawyer for business and commercial law to represent your company and commercial interest in the competitive Israeli high tech sector. Working with international companies, corporations and individual businessmen with interest in Israeli small businesses, research and innovation as well as Israeli high tech patents and intellectual property.

Drafting agreements
Writing contracts between companies in Israel
Drafting agreements between companies in Israel and corporations outside of israel
Represent a non Israeli from out side of Israel in Israel
Represent a company in Israel 
Draft commercial contracts between Israeli companies and companies outside Israel
Division of shares
Listing a company on the Tel Aviv stock exchange
Patent infringement
Merger of companies
Open a company and legal entity in Israel
Parent-subsidiary company 
Counsel and legal representation to protect the rights of companies by law.
Acquisition of companies

Consult with an lawyer specializing in Israeli business and corporate law, virtually over Zoom or WhatsApp 24/7


Menora Israeli Law Firm

Our Israeli attorneys specialize in Israeli law since 2007.
The office of Monera Israeli law in Los Angeles help clients with inheritance in Israel and estate in Israel, purchase & sell real estate in Israel, open a business in Israel or invest in a startup in Israel.
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