Expert Israel Attorney in Los Angeles member of the Israel Bar Association

An Israeli Boutique Law Firm Specializing in Representing Clients From Los Angeles In Israel Legal System.

Menora law is an boutique Israel Lawyer in Los Angeles for International Clients with matter in Israel Inheritance law & Succession law in Israel, Israeli Estate and Business Law in Israel.

people on tel aviv seashore, real esate in israel
Israel real estate in Tel Aviv, an Israel attorney can help buy property in Israel as a foreigner.
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We Practice Israeli law according to Israel's Legal System

Menora Law is an American Israeli Lawyer in Los Angeles, covers all types of Israeli Legal Cases and practice areas for clients in Los Angeles, when they need help with law system in Israel.

You Can Work on your Case With Israel Lawyer in Los Angeles

  • Israel Inheritance Law
  • Israel Succession and Probate Order in Israel
  • Israel estates and assets in Israel
  • Filing objection to the execution of an Israel order of succession
  • Filing objection to execution of a will order in Israel
  • Israel negotiating to buying and selling real estate in Israel
  • Israel Business law and Israeli Corporation law – 1965
  • Enforce Californian judgment in Israeli court system
  • Locating Israeli bank accounts
  • Locating Israeli pension from insurance company and bank system in Israel
  • Locating funds, trusts and shares by Israeli act of The Freedom of Information law 5758-1998
  • Israel High-Tech and Start-Up in Israel
  • Israel Abandoned Property and unclaimed property in Israel
  • Taxation Law in Israel and Internationally tax offenses such a money laundering in Israel by Israeli Prohibition of money Laundering law 2000, which currently accompanies various offenses of law In Israel
  • Commercial real estate in Israel 
  • Israel intellectual property and privacy law

Israeli Attorney In Los Angeles who knows the Israeli court system

Menora Israeli Law Firm is One of the boutique American Israeli Attorney office that provide, top-tier Israeli legal services from Los Angeles in Israel, with international presence remotely and worldwide from U.S. Israeli law office in Los Angeles.

Experienced Israeli Attorney for Inheritance and Succession in Israel and estate management in Israel

Our Israeli Inheritance Attorney in Los Angeles, has high traces of professional history over 15 years with representation of popular and stable clients from worldwide with focus on representation in cases of executing of inheritance and succession law in Israel with point on probate order in Israel, and objecting on Israeli probate order by Israeli inheritance law, we also can enforce a foreign probate order in Israeli court, we also provide representation in Israel court to inherit an Israeli estates and complete the Israeli probate order of heirs in Israel by the inheritance law in Israel - 1965.

Israel succession Lawyer serve clients from Los Angeles in area of wills in Israel and how to inherit property in Israel by Israeli succession court order

Israeli Attorneys in Los Angeles serve client’s at their location and if required by law in Israel our Israeli attorney traveling to our client’s in Los Angeles, and Client’s don’t required to travel to Israel to solve their succession law matter in Israel or legal case related to will or trust in Israel or succession order by the law of Israeli Succession law – 1965 , that way will save your time and resources and finally you will get most officiant legal representation in State of Israel for minimum expenses.

Our Israeli law office In California USA can help a foreigner buy real estate in Israel

The professional target of our Israel law Firm in Los Angeles California is the belief that, every Israel client from Los Angeles is unique person for our lawyers in Israel, based on our Israel law target, the Menora Law strives to provide for each Israeli client in Los Angeles with comprehensive and most extensive Israeli legal representation to buying and selling real estate property in Israel.

Israel real estate is a good investment, an Israeli Attorney can help buy real estate investments in Israel:

We can help as a foreigners buy property in Israel at the average price of a house in Israel, with sharp thought out of the box and special strategy for each case for real estate in Israel, and we also dealing with Israeli bank and we can help foreigner get a mortgage in Israel.

Our Israel real estate lawyer can provide to our clients best Israeli legal service from our office in Los Angeles, to does who looking for boutique Israeli real estate lawyer from Israel in California, and one who knows well how is the real estate market in Israel working, and how provide legal advice and feasibility investment of Israel real estate.

Doing business in Israel as a foreigner, do business in Israel with the help of a law firm experienced Israel business attorney in Los Angeles

With Israel business lawyer in Los Angeles, You can form a business company in Israel from our office in Los Angeles, by establish quick company in Israel, such LLC and Corporation in Israel, also we can help to our Israeli American clients in Los Angeles, with Issue stocks and IPO on the TSE in Israel on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, with Israeli stock exchange broker by Israeli law of the securities act The Securities law,1968 , which deal with the regulation of the securities market in Israel.

We also can do a Merger of Israeli companies with American companies in Israel, and represent American companies in Israeli market by Corporate law in Israel 5759- 1999 , also our Israel business lawyers represent Israeli shareholders rights in public and private companies in Israel business market , and all this Israeli legal service we can provide from our Israeli attorney law firm in Los Angeles.

Israel business Attorney in Los Angeles will guide you how to form a company in Israel

Our reputable Israeli attorney In Los Angeles excel in domestic and international Israeli matters, with focus on Israeli business transaction by Israeli companies law 1999 - 5759 from the deep of Israeli legal system. We represent corporations in Israel and privately held Israeli companies from around the world on corporate law of Israel, and we also represent business clients in Israel to establishing a business entity is Israel and help them with business legal transactions in Israel.

Menora Israeli Law Firm

Our Israeli attorneys specialize in Israeli law since 2007.
The office of Monera Israeli law in Los Angeles help clients with inheritance in Israel and estate in Israel, purchase & sell real estate in Israel, open a business in Israel or invest in a startup in Israel.
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