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An Israeli law office for inheritance and estate law matters for those residing outside the State of Israel


What is inheritance law in Israel? 
Israeli Succession law deals with inheritance in Israel; assets, real estate, inheritance tax, debt and successor distribution in legal cases in Israel.
According to Israeli law, there are different types of heirs and different ways to enforce in court in Israel the rights of the testator of the inheritance in Israel.


What is probate and succession in Israel?
According to Israeli probate and succession law, a will can be on of four types; The most popular one, Witness testimony. To enforce a testator's will, a petition must be filed, and in case there are multiple wills the heir can file a request to dispute a will by court order in Israel.
An Israeli lawyer for inheritance and probate cases in Israel for foreign residents living outside of Israel:

Menora Law Firm has abundant experience and strives for excellence in managing inheritance and probate cases in Israel and representing in Israel courts international clients who live outside the borders of Israel. In our firm, each client receives special personal treatment. An Israeli lawyer from our firm will closely cooperate with you on a constant basis in order to build a strong and smart legal strategy with attention to small details and out-of-the-box thinking so as to guide you to uncompromised victory in your case.
Among others, our law firm represents clients holding significant inheritance in Israel, such as factories, real property, companies, accounts in Israeli banks, as well as giant corporations, in inheritance cases in Israel. With vast legal knowledge and practical experience, our firm will effectively resolve any complex legal issue in the area of inheritance and probate law in Israel. We offer our international clients a wide range of legal solutions in inheritance and probate matters, among other things in the following areas.

Our lawyers will represent and fight for your case of inheritance or estate in Israeli court.

Legal advice on handling inheritance and probate cases in Israel for non-Israel residents:

With more than 14 years of experience in helping foreign residents exercise their rights in Israel in matters related to succession and administration of a deceased’s estate, we know how to provide appropriate legal response in complex and entangled cases. We do our utmost to ensure that you do not have have to arrive in Israel and wage a legal war over your inheritance against the Israeli law authorities and courts. Our firm will make every necessary and appropriate step on your behalf and handle inheritance matters in Israel to minimize your trouble.

Preparation of a will by an Israeli lawyer with respect to property located in Israel for foreign residents:

Our firm possesses knowledge and experience in preparing wills for foreign residents living outside Israel. As part of preparing a will for a foreign resident, we take care to check with the testator what are the relevant assets in Israel to be included in the will, who will be the inheritors, and what will be each inheritor's share in the will in Israel. We will carry out professional separation of the assets located in Israel and outside of Israel and detail these in the testator's will to make sure that the will is implemented professionally to avoid future disputes between the inheritors.

Obtaining an Inheritance Order or a Probate Order from the Inheritance Registrar in Israel:

Menora Law Firm will swiftly obtain an order from the Inheritance Registrar in Israel to establish our client as the inheritor that has the right to inherit the testator in Israel, including all property located in Israel that was registered in the name of the testator prior to his death in Israel or outside Israel.

Notifying potential inheritors of commencing an inheritance proceeding in Israel:

Our firm operates within the framework of Israeli Inheritance Law and contacts all potential inheritors to notify them of a proceeding to obtain an order from the Inheritance Registrar to establish the inheritors' rights in Israel. That is, by means of notifying the inheritors we try to assist our client in locating potential inheritors in order to produce a fair agreement regarding the division of the deceased’s estate, thus avoiding unnecessary litigation and saving time and legal costs .

Objection to a Probate Order or an Inheritance Order in the Inheritance Court in Israel:

Israeli lawyers from Menora Law Firm possess extensive experience in filing objections to inheritance order or probate order requests in case that one of the relatives engages with the Inheritance Registrar in Israel to obtain an inheritance order in Israel whereas another inheritor claims that the former is not entitled to inherit or is entitled to inherit a smaller portion of the estate. Therefore, our firm will vigorously represent a foreign resident in Israel by filing a written detailed objection with the Inheritance Court in Israel against those who are not entitled to inherit under Israeli law.

Opening an escrow account by an Israeli lawyer to manage deceased estate funds:

The service we provide to foreign residents with inheritance assets in Israel includes opening an escrow account in the inheritors' name, so that all the inheritance money and proceeds from real property sales, as well as various bank accounts, be deposited to one place - an escrow account registered in the inheritors' name in Israel. Directing all the funds to a single account allows the inheritors easily monitoring the amounts of money and estimating the true value of all the assets and funds comprising the deceased’s estate.

Handling tax payment in real property sales with respect to the deceased estate in Israel and securing income tax exemptions in Israel:

Our firm specializes in all tax aspects related to the sale of real property received from the inheritance and sold by the inheritors to a third party in Israel. Our firm makes every effort to apply for tax exemption to the Israeli Income Tax Authority under the Israeli Land Tax Law. If necessary, our firm possesses the expertise required to file appeals to the Israel Income Tax Authority and appeal its decisions in courts in Israel so as to reduce the taxes paid due to selling real property in Israel.

Locating deceased’s estate assets, administration and division of the deceased’s estate assets by an Israeli lawyer:

Menora Law Firm helps inheritors living outside Israel locate lost assets belonging to the deceased's estate in Israel. When a particular property from the inheritance is missing, our firm will find the lost assets and maintain and manage them faithfully on the inheritors' behalf. As part of this service we appoint accountants, tax counselors, and other experts to inspect the assets and the current physical and legal status thereof, to assess the overall value of the deceased's estate assets, and to ensure that the future division of the inheritance between the inheritors is carried out fairly and in accordance with Israeli Inheritance Law.

Return of an inheritance wrongly obtained by a foreign inheritor:

In some cases our firm works with the Inheritance Court in Israel to cancel an inheritance order or a probate order, possibly obtained by mistake or fraud by inheritors who are not entitled to inherit under the Inheritance Law in Israel. We work directly with the inheritance courts in Israel to cancel the executed inheritance proceedings and claim the return of all the assets executed by mistake or fraud that occurred in the provision of an inheritance order or a probate order issued by the Inheritance Registrar or the courts.

Representation by an Israeli lawyer in inheritance proceedings in Israel for non-Israel residents:

Menora Law Firm represents foreign residents in inheritance proceedings conducted in the State of Israel. We are available for inquiries 24/7 and provide both in-person and online legal counsel to anyone who requires our help in matters of deceased's estate administration and succession in Israel. For your convenience, we are available via Whatsapp, Skype, e-mail, and any other channel convenient to you to provide immediate professional response and representation before all the government authorities in Israel in order to win the succession case on your behalf.

For 15 years, our firm provides legal representation in Israel to international clients on matters of estate and inheritance under Israeli law

Why do you need an Israeli lawyer who specializes in inheritance and estate matters according to the laws in Israel?

An Israeli lawyer for inheritance and estate matters in Israel must be familiar with Israeli law and know how to identify the right legal way, in a pre-calculated approach to fight legally in Israeli court for the client who has an inheritance and estate law issue.

A customer that lives outside the State of Israel will be able to operate in Israel in the following ways.
Submit an application or forms for an inheritance order to the Registrar of Inheritance Matters in Israel.
Drafting agreements between successors living in Israel and those living outside the State of Israel, regarding the assets in Israel.
Estate planning in Israel and will creation according to the testator's assets and helping him decide what will be written in the will in a legally binding manner that is acceptable in Israeli court.
Advise the testator according to his martial situation and his estate, what kind of will will suit him best; a mutual will or a partial will.
Filing an objection to an inheritance order on behalf of the heirs to the court in Israel.
Filing an application for an order of execution of a will or an inheritance order as well as case management to oppose the issuance in court of an order in Israel.
Co-counsel and legal representation to protect the rights of heirs by law.
Management of an inheritance of a deceased on behalf of the heirs and division of assets and property in Israel among heirs, including departure from an estate.

Consult with a lawyer specializing in Israeli Inheritance and estate law virtually over Zoom or WhatsApp 24/7


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  • Bijan Z
    I chatted with someone on the company's website late last night, provided a brief description of my question regarding inheritance law in Israel, and the person told me that someone will call me at 9:00AM this morning.
    I received a call from Michael right at 9:00AM today, asking about my question. He patiently listened to my question and asked additional questions to be clear about my question. Michael then provided all the information as free consultation and kept talking to me till I had full clarification on my question.
    He was very professional talking to me and answering to all my questions and provided suggestions where needed.
    I am very happy that I called Menora Law and talked to Michael.
    Thank you Michael.
  • Gal G

    I had a problem with complicated Israel inheritance case in Israel and I hired the Israeli Attorney from Menora Law Firm ,they was high professional and honest with my inheritance case in Israel and they also helped me with real estate and assets in Israel, if you looking for strong Israeli Attorney in Los Angeles who practice law for Israel and especially With succession in Israel, this is the one of the best Israel law firm in California who can really help you.
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    I called Menora law to speak with an Israeli lawyer who knows about inheritance in Israel. I have received advice from Michael, who helped me a lot, I hope to hire him in the future to manage my inheritance case in Israel.

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