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An Israeli law office for inheritance and estate law matters for those residing outside the State of Israel


What is inheritance law in Israel? 
Inheritance law deals with assets, real estate, debt and successor distribution in legal cases. According to Israeli Law, there are different types of heirs and, hence, different way to enforce the rights of the testator in Israeli courts.


What is probate and succession in Israel?
According to Israeli probate and succession law, a will can be on of four types; The most popular one, Witness testimony. To enforce a testator's will, a petition must be filed, and in case there are multiple wills the heir can file a request to dispute a will by court order in Israel.
An Israeli lawyer for inheritance and estate matters for residents outside of Israel:

An Israeli lawyer in matters of inheritance and estate law in Israel is a complex field that requires great precision and knowledge of Israeli laws, our law firm has extensive legal experience and specializes in inheritance and financial law in Israel for nonresidents living outside of Israel.

Our Israeli attorneys help clients with creation and amendment of wills as well as depositing them with the Government Registrar of Inheritance in Israel, filing claims for opposition to the execution of a will or inheritance orders, filing claims for revocation of inheritance orders and wills with the Registrar of Inheritance and the Rabbinical Court in Israel, managing estates and filing claims regarding estate in Israel, agreements between heirs, transactions of inheritance assets.

Our office handles the appointment of an administrator of the estate through court orders in Israel, we are connected to all government offices in Israel to provide fast and efficient legal and professional legal services to clients living outside of Israel.

Our lawyers will represent and fight for your case of inheritance or estate in Israeli court.

Our Israeli law office represents  on legal matters of estate in Israel:

According to section 147 of the Israeli Inheritance Law, which stipulates that the testator's estate does not include funds  or debts that must be paid due to the death of a person under an insurance contract, membership in a pension fund or benefit fund, unless the deceased gave an order that they are included in the estate.

The estate, its assets and property  can be divided according to a will left by a person or according to the law if there is no will for the deceased.

Our firm has over 15 years of experience in inheritance and estate law in Israel, representing non-resident clients in legal cases in all Israeli legal court system. Our attorney will work closely with you as a client to create a legal strategy together to best represent your interest, maximizing the share you deserve  of the inheritance as the heir. The belongings, assets, real estate  from the inheritance and all debts of the testator at the time of passage, preserving the property in Israeli and division of the assets between heirs after the conclusion of the legal inquiry by the department or inheritance or an Israeli judge court order.

For 15 years, our firm provides legal representation in Israel to international clients on matters of estate and inheritance under Israeli law

Why do you need an Israeli lawyer who specializes in inheritance and estate matters according to the laws in Israel?

An Israeli lawyer for inheritance and estate matters in Israel must be familiar with Israeli law and know how to identify the right legal way, in a pre-calculated approach to fight legally in Israeli court for the client who has an inheritance and estate law issue.

A customer that lives outside the State of Israel will be able to operate in Israel in the following ways.
Submit an application or forms for an inheritance order to the Registrar of Inheritance Matters in Israel.
Drafting agreements between successors living in Israel and those living outside the State of Israel, regarding the assets in Israel.
Estate planning in Israel and will creation according to the testator's assets and helping him decide what will be written in the will in a legally binding manner that is acceptable in Israeli court.
Advise the testator according to his martial situation and his estate, what kind of will will suit him best; a mutual will or a partial will.
Filing an objection to an inheritance order on behalf of the heirs to the court in Israel.
Filing an application for an order of execution of a will or an inheritance order as well as case management to oppose the issuance in court of an order in Israel.
Co-counsel and legal representation to protect the rights of heirs by law.
Management of an inheritance of a deceased on behalf of the heirs and division of assets and property in Israel among heirs, including departure from an estate.

Consult with a lawyer specializing in Israeli Inheritance and estate law virtually over Zoom or WhatsApp 24/7


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