March 13, 2022

Lease agreement in Israel; Everything you should know, 5 Easy tips from an Israeli Lawyer

How to make a lease agreement in Israel with an Israeli Lawyer, Making an agreement for real estate rental property in Israel is a critical step that all renters must to take
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How do I make a rental agreement according to Israeli contract law – 1973 ?

A lease agreement in Israel according to Israeli contract law – 1973, is contract in Israel and it is a legal document in which private parties are allowed to create their own law in a legal way.

In the contract they impose obligations upon themselves in exchange for a benefit, land lord of the property in Israel and the renter of the apartment. These obligations could be a mandate to do or give something, or not to do something. Usually, when talking about a lease agreement for an apartment in Israel, the counter benefit could be money, New Israeli Shekel.

What types of lease contracts can be made by real estate law in Israel?

When drafting a lease agreement in Israel, each side has to carefully examine the content that is included and the content that is excluded from the lease. That can happen because of forgetting about it or because it was intentionally decided that way, and was excluded from the document. In other words, contracts are read not only on what they say, but also what they do not explicitly say.

According to Israeli real estate law, the parties are allowed to create whatever obligations are desired or needed in order to accomplish the main object of the contract. If we are talking about a lease contract for an apartment, then the obligations that the document will describe the conditions for full use of a property by the tenant in Israel.

What you should know about your lease agreement in Israel:

When drafting a Israeli lease contract of a property that located in Israel that is meant to be for dwelling, there are some things that the Israeli real estate law states that have to be part of the document.

Although it is true that the basic principle when studying contracts is that the parties are free to include the dispositions they want, there are certain contracts in which the Israeli State law has a special interest because of the activity or the object, in which a lack of regulations could result in an imbalance of power between the parties by Israeli contract law.

In most of the legal real estate cases in Israel, the restrictions that the tenant and lending Act Law of Israel - 1971, will impose upon the owner of the property, since this is the parties in Israel that has a position of power over the tenant of the Israeli property .

Should a lease contract in Israel be made in writing:

In this manner, the first thing that the real estate law in Israel imposes is that a long term residential lease contract has to be made in writing and signed by the landlord and tenant and that a signed copy of the contract will be delivered to each of the parties.

Making an agreement for real estate rental property in Israel is a critical step that all renters must to take:

Non compliance with this disposition does not make the contract invalided but rather could impose yet more restrictions on the owner of the property.

Also, a description of the property and the things that come with it must be included, together with the type and amount of the rent payment and other payments that the tenant is responsible for.

What type of Israeli lease agreement can be made by Israeli real estate lawyer:

There are certain dispositions that, even if they are not included in the contract, can still be enforced upon the owner. For example, the  real estate law in Israel  states that The landlord has to hand over the rented apartment to the tenant for his possession, at a time agreed upon by the parties, when it is free from any person or property, except for property which has been agreed to be in the apartment at the time of its delivery.

Another example of this is that the landlord has to repair at his expense any defect in the rented apartment that was not generated as a consequence of misuse by the tenant and is not trivial, within a reasonable time and not later than 30 days from the date he received a request from the tenant.

The same goes for an urgent fix, in which case it has to be taken care of in a reasonable time and not later than three days from the date of receipt of such demand. In other words, even if the contract states the contrary to this disposition or does not state anything about the responsibility of the owner related to defects in the property, the tenant will still be covered.

In sum, it is really important to understand that it is not only what we include in a contract what matters, but also what is not included and what the law imposes on us what can really affect the relationship between the parties

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