October 21, 2021

How Can Foreign Attorney Become a Licensed Lawyer In Israel?

There are two ways for a foreigner to practice law in Israel. It is important to say that the important thing to look at is not the nationality of the individual, rather where did he get his degree. In Israel, there are two kinds of foreign lawyers: those who studied and finished their degree abroad, and want to be registered as foreign lawyers to represent clients in the countries where they are registered, and those who studied and finished their degree abroad but want to be licensed to practice Israeli law.
Regarding the former, all the applicants have to pass the Examination of professional ethics for foreign lawyers seeking to provide foreign law service and advice in Israel, in addition to prove knowledge of the Hebrew language.
Regarding the latter, in order to obtain an Israeli license to practice law, all the applicants have to pass the Examination on the Laws of the State of Israel, which consists on 8 different exams (Property Law, Criminal law, Civil Procedure and Professional Ethics, Family and Inheritance Law, Commercial Law 1, Commercial Law 2, Constitutional and Administrative Law, and Law of Obligations, Labor and Social Security), in addition to prove knowledge of the Hebrew language. After passing all the exams, the applicant has to start a specialization of 18 months either in a Public or Private Office, in order to be able to take the Certification Exam of the Israel Bar Association.
It is important to say that currently, according to the Regulations of the Bar Association (Examination procedures in the law of the State of Israel, in professional ethics applicable to foreign lawyers and in the examination of certification for law) - 1962, applicants have to finish the 18 month long specialization in order to take the Certification Exam of the Israel Bar Association. Nevertheless, these conditions are subject to changes so it's good to assess current regulations with the Bar Association.

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