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Purchase land and property in Israel, from outside the State of Israel

Israeli lawyers handle Your real estate deal in Israel

As one of the leading Israeli law firms boasting vast experience in representing international clients living outside Israel and willing to invest in real estate in Israel deal.

Among other things, we represent international private and corporate clients in transactions involving the sales and purchases of residential buildings, luxury houses, lands, and commercial property in Israel.

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online representation via Zoom, Whatsapp, Metaverse by an Israeli real estate lawyer

When a foreign resident turns to our firm for representation in Israel, you may either schedule an in-person appointment at our Israel or US office, or hold a virtual meeting via Zoom, Whatsapp, or the Metaverse platform without having to leave your home.

Our overseas clients do not have to come to Israel to personally conduct sales or purchases. Instead, an Israeli real estate lawyer will do that on your behalf acting upon a special power of attorney granted for this purpose, thereby sparing you a lot of time and money.

Representation by an Israeli law firm in renting and managing real property

Our firm is one of the global market leaders in representing foreign residents in transactions involving renting out and managing property in Israel.

Our firm collects the monthly rent on behalf of the foreign residents and transfers the profit to their bank account.

invest in real estate in Israel with an Israeli lawyer

Each of our firm Israeli real estate lawyer specialize in analyzing property in Israel for potential investment before the transaction is made.

We go through each and every property with a magnifying glass, paying special attention to the legal and environmental aspects of the structure of the property in order to avoid possible legal pitfalls and economic damage to our international client.

Our firm offers the following types of real estate legal services to foreign residents who conduct business in Israel, among many others:

  • Search for residential Israeli real estate for those willing to invest in real estate in Israel.
  • Provide legal support in negotiations and prepare a contract and documents to be signed by the seller and the buyer of real estate in Israel.
  • Conduct due diligence investigations of the property before the foreign resident transfers the purchase consideration.
  • Review the legal documents concern the property purchased by a foreign resident in accordance with Israeli land and property laws.
  • Collect information and property documents required by the Israeli state authorities as part of the purchase process prior to sign the purchase agreement.
  • Keep the client's funds in an escrow account managed by an Israeli lawyer until the purchase of the Israeli property by the foreign resident is completed.
  • Assist foreign residents in transfer funds to Israel from the United States and European countries for the purpose of purchase real estate in Israel.
  • Register the property purchased in Israel in the name of the foreign resident.
  • Register an escrow account in an Israeli bank in the name of the foreign resident and use this account to manage the property and deposit the monthly earnings from rent out the property.

safely purchase Land in Israel with an Israeli lawyer

Our firm possesses rich experience in provide hands-on support to foreign residents and international companies operating in Israel in the field of Israeli real estate investment.

We represent international commercial companies, construction developers willing to acquire lands in Israel for residential projects, shopping malls in Israel, and office space in Israel, and high-tech and international companies looking to purchase commercial land in Israel, such as Google, Yahoo, 3M, IBM, SAMSUNG, Microsoft, Merck, PayPal, Amazon.

An Israeli lawyer to represent a foreign resident in matters of property improvement

We faithfully represent foreign residents who carry out real estate activities in Israel. We locate real estate in Israel to flip, suitable for purchase and improvement, conduct comprehensive checks of the property's planning and legal status, examine the construction plans, submit property betterment plans to the state planning and construction boards in Israel, and obtain permits and licenses required under Israeli Planning and Construction Law.

Confiscated Arab land in Israel and Arab Real estate

Our firm has experience in representing clients in matters concerning the confiscation of Arab lands in Israel that has been illegally seized in violation of the Absentee Property Law.

Our firm possesses extensive experience in handling land reclamation in Israel and carrying out negotiations with the state authorities in an attempt to return the confiscated land to its owner or receive proper compensation in accordance with Israeli Land Law in appropriate cases.

Israeli lawyers for procuring financing from credit companies and banks in Israel

Our firm is one of the most prominent firms providing extensive legal support to international entrepreneurs and investors willing to invest their capital in Israel, including insurance companies, financial institutions, and credit companies.

We procure financing from Israeli banks on behalf of international companies for the purpose of investment and purchase of real estate in Israel.

We provide ongoing and broad legal advice in the area of real estate in Israel, utilizing our years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the area of banking financing and credit for real estate projects. This allows us a clear advantage when it comes to representing foreign residents in Israel, as well as representing commercial corporations willing to conduct business activities in the field of real estate investment in Israel.

Contact a real estate lawyer in Israel

Contact information for foreign residents willing to receive legal advice in real estate matters from an Israeli lawyer:

You are welcome to contact our offices 24/7, and our Israeli real estate lawyers will be happy to help you with any questions related to Israeli land and property laws.

For 15 years, our firm provides legal representation in Israel to international clients on matters of estate and inheritance under Israeli law


What is inheritance law in Israel? 
Inheritance law deals with assets, real estate, debt and successor distribution in legal cases. According to Israeli Law, there are different types of heirs and, hence, different way to enforce the rights of the testator in Israeli courts.


What is probate and succession in Israel?
According to Israeli probate and succession law, a will can be on of four types; The most popular one, Witness testimony. To enforce a testator's will, a petition must be filed, and in case there are multiple wills the heir can file a request to dispute a will by court order in Israel.

Consult with a lawyer specializing in Israeli Inheritance and estate law virtually over Zoom or WhatsApp 24/7


Costumer Testimonials

  • Bijan Z
    I chatted with someone on the company's website late last night, provided a brief description of my question regarding inheritance law in Israel, and the person told me that someone will call me at 9:00AM this morning.
    I received a call from Michael right at 9:00AM today, asking about my question. He patiently listened to my question and asked additional questions to be clear about my question. Michael then provided all the information as free consultation and kept talking to me till I had full clarification on my question.
    He was very professional talking to me and answering to all my questions and provided suggestions where needed.
    I am very happy that I called Menora Law and talked to Michael.
    Thank you Michael.
  • Gal G

    I had a problem with complicated Israel inheritance case in Israel and I hired the Israeli Attorney from Menora Law Firm ,they was high professional and honest with my inheritance case in Israel and they also helped me with real estate and assets in Israel, if you looking for strong Israeli Attorney in Los Angeles who practice law for Israel and especially With succession in Israel, this is the one of the best Israel law firm in California who can really help you.
  • Ed E

    I called Menora law to speak with an Israeli lawyer who knows about inheritance in Israel. I have received advice from Michael, who helped me a lot, I hope to hire him in the future to manage my inheritance case in Israel.

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