Israeli Lawyer in Los Angeles: Menora Law, serving international clients with profound expertise and dedication for exceptional legal outcomes.

Menora Israeli Law – Israeli lawyer represents international clients from all over the world in Israeli legal cases.
WIth office locations in Israel, USA, and stable presence in Canada and Europe 

Our Israeli Law Practice

Menora Law – Israeli Law covers all types of Israeli Cases and practice areas for clients inside and outside of Israel when they need help. 
Ізраїльське спадкове право
Ізраїльське спадкове та спадкове право
Ізраїльські маєтки та активи в Ізраїлі
Ізраїльське комерційне право та ізраїльське корпоративне право
Ізраїльські високі технології та стартап в Ізраїлі.
Ізраїльська покинута та незатребувана власність в Ізраїлі
Податкове законодавство в Ізраїлі та міжнародне податкові правопорушення, такі як відмивання грошей в Ізраїлі
Ізраїльська нерухомість і комерційна нерухомість в Ізраїлі 
Ізраїльське законодавство про інтелектуальну власність і конфіденційність

Highly Esteemed Israeli Lawyer Serving in Los Angeles

Menora Israeli Lawyer Serving as a beacon of excellence within the legal profession, our team of esteemed Israeli lawyers in Los Angeles is uniquely proficient in both domestic and international legal matters, specializing in Israeli law. Our services extend beyond the borders of Los Angeles, providing expert legal representation to both corporations and privately-held firms globally, with a distinct focus on navigating the intricate web of corporate law in Israel.

The Menora Israeli Law Firm, located in Los Angeles, is a boutique establishment recognized for providing top-tier legal services within the realm of Israeli Law. Our international reach allows us to represent clients around the globe remotely, all the while maintaining a strong presence in Israel, our Israeli Lawyers take care of all aspects of complex cases within the parameters of Israeli law.

Skilled Israeli Attorney with a Focus on Israeli Inheritance Law

Our team includes an Israeli inheritance lawyer whose professional credentials are solidly built upon over 15 years of experience. During this time, the attorney has successfully represented numerous high-profile individuals and corporations from across the globe. Our focus is keenly set on offering representation to international clients embroiled in complex cases across multiple facets of Israeli law.

Servicing Clients Around the world from Israel and Los Angeles

Our Israeli lawyers in Los Angeles are dedicated to offering comprehensive legal services beyond the boundaries of Israel. In instances where the law necessitates, our Israeli attorney travels to meet clients residing outside Israel. Clients are not mandated to travel to Israel for resolving their legal matters; instead, they can conveniently meet our Israeli lawyer in Los Angeles. This approach significantly saves on time and resources while ensuring the most efficient legal representation in Israel, all at a minimal expense.

Israeli Corporate Law Experts in Los Angeles with a Reputation for Success

Our professional ethos as an Israeli attorney in Los Angeles is predicated on the understanding that each international client is unique. Adhering to this ethos, the Menora Israeli Lawyer in Los Angeles is committed to delivering comprehensive and detailed legal representation in Israel. Our attorneys are skilled in thinking outside the box, developing unique strategies for each case. This personalized approach to legal representation, coupled with our high-quality litigation abilities within the Israeli authority and court system, makes our Israeli law firm in Los Angeles a top choice for international clients residing outside of Israel.

Through our Israeli Lawyers strong reputation and commitment to our clients, we have the ability to navigate the most complex legal cases, ensuring the best possible outcomes. Trust the professionals at Menora Israeli Law Firm to handle your case with the utmost dedication and expertise, whether it involves Israeli corporate law, inheritance law, or any other legal matter within the sphere of Israeli jurisdiction.

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Proactive Advocacy in Israeli Business Law

Our team of Israeli legal professionals is well-versed in the dynamics of Israeli business law, making us an excellent choice for business clients needing representation in Israel. We appreciate that businesses face unique legal challenges, requiring astute awareness and preemptive solutions. Our Israeli lawyers are skilled at foreseeing potential issues and taking preventative action, offering comprehensive legal advice on issues ranging from corporate governance, business structuring, and transactional disputes. This forward-thinking approach results in minimized legal risk and enhanced business stability, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best – growing their businesses.

Proficient Inheritance Law Expertise

Navigating the labyrinth of inheritance law can be a daunting task, which is where our specialized Israeli inheritance lawyer steps in. With over 15 years of experience in International Israeli law, our Israeli Attorneys have been successful in resolving even the most intricate inheritance cases. Our lawyers are equipped with deep knowledge of Israeli inheritance law, enabling them to provide thorough advice and effective strategies tailored to each client's unique circumstances. We prioritize our client's needs, ensuring they receive their rightful inheritance with the least possible friction and delay.

Dedication to International Clientele

We are proud of our global presence and our commitment to serving clients living outside of Israel. Understanding that legal issues can arise anywhere and at any time, we have established a strong international presence to ensure that distance doesn't hinder our ability to provide excellent legal services. Our Israeli lawyers in Los Angeles, are always prepared to travel and meet clients as needed. We strive to provide convenient, effective, and efficient legal solutions to our international clientele, creating a seamless legal journey no matter where they reside.


Створити компанію в Ізраїлі, ТОВ та корпорацію в Ізраїлі. Випуск акцій та IPO на TSE (Тель-Авівська фондова біржа). Злиття компаній в Ізраїлі, представляти міжнародні та американські компанії в Ізраїлі

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Зареєструвати авторське право, інтелектуальну власність в Ізраїлі, реєстрацію торгової марки в Ізраїлі. Розробити та подати патенти, подати заявку на тимчасові патенти в Ізраїлі.

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Представляти міжнародних клієнтів в ізраїльській ізраїльській індустрії стартапів і біотехнологічних компаній, стартапів з поглинань і злиття, а також материнських компаній в Ізраїлі.

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Prepare & file claims in Israeli Court, filing  appeals with Israeli superior court,  distribute estate assets, handle inheritance cases in Israeli family court from Los Angeles

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Готуйте, подавайте та змінюйте заповіти у Департаменті спадщини в Ізраїлі, сімейному суді в Ізраїлі та Рабінатському суді Ізраїлю.

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Підготувати договори та угоди на купівлю-продаж нерухомості в Ізраїлі, нерухомості та землі в Ізраїлі. Інвестуйте в ізраїльську нерухомість.

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Ізраїльська юридична фірма «Менора».

Наші ізраїльські адвокати спеціалізуються на ізраїльському праві з 2007 року.
Офіс Monera Israeli Law в Лос-Анджелесі допомагає клієнтам отримати спадщину в Ізраїлі та нерухомість в Ізраїлі, купувати та продавати нерухомість в Ізраїлі, відкривати бізнес в Ізраїлі або інвестувати в стартап в Ізраїлі.
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