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Menora Law – Israeli Lawyer offers comprehensive legal support across all types of cases and practice areas within Israel. We are dedicated to assisting clients both locally and internationally, ensuring expert legal help is available whenever they require it in Israel

Menora Law – Israeli Lawyer offers comprehensive legal support across all types of cases and practice areas within Israel. We are dedicated to assisting clients both locally and internationally, ensuring expert legal help is available whenever they require it in Israel

Israeli Inheritance law
Israeli Succession and probate law Israel
Israeli estates and assets in Israel
Israeli Business law and Israeli Corporation law
Israeli High-Tech and Start-Up in Israel.
Israeli abandoned and unclaimed property in Israel
Taxation Law in Israel and Internationally tax offenses such a money laundering in Israel
Israeli real estate and Commercial real estate in Israel 
Israeli intellectual property and privacy law

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Our prestigious law firm, where our expert Israeli lawyers specialize in both domestic and international law. We excel in corporate law, serving multinational corporations and privately held companies from the US, Europe, and beyond. Our firm ensures your business adheres to and thrives under Israeli legal standards, providing tailored solutions across various sectors. Choose us for dedicated support and strategic legal guidance in Israel.

Israeli law office for complicated cases in israel

Menora Law-Israeli Lawyer is a boutique law firm distinguished by its provision of top-tier legal services under Israeli law, bolstered by a significant international presence. Operating globally from our bases in the USA and Israel, we specialize in managing complex legal cases across all areas of Israeli Law. Whether you're confronting intricate legal challenges or seeking expert guidance, our dedicated team delivers unparalleled legal expertise to ensure your success both in Israel and internationally.

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Israeli attorney with experience in israeli inheritance law

Our Israeli Inheritance Lawyers boast over 15 years of distinguished professional history, representing a wide range of esteemed clients and corporations globally. With a focus on international clientele, we handle highly complex cases across various fields of Israeli law. Our expertise ensures meticulous representation tailored to the unique needs of each client, solidifying our reputation as leaders in the field.

We serve clients from home country in israel

We accommodate our clients' needs by offering services outside of israel. When necessary, our israeli lawyers will travel to meet clients internationally, eliminating the need for you to visit israel to resolve your legal matters. This approach not only saves you time and resources but also ensures you receive the most efficient representation in israel at minimal expense.

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Our strong reputation can win your law case in israel

At Menora Law, each of our Israeli attorneys is guided by the principle that every international client is unique. Our professional ethos is centered on providing personalized, comprehensive legal representation in Israel. We employ innovative, out-of-the-box thinking and tailor specific strategies for each case, ensuring high-quality litigation within the Israeli judicial system. Our law office is dedicated to offering exceptional legal services to international clients residing outside of Israel, guaranteeing detailed attention to every legal need.

Home Israeli Law

Litigation Support

Our firm offers comprehensive litigation support to ensure your legal needs are met. From initial consultations to courtroom representation, our experienced attorneys guide you through the legal process with expertise and dedication.


Corporate Law

Specializing in corporate law, we provide tailored legal solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our team assists in contract drafting, regulatory compliance, mergers, acquisitions, and more, ensuring your business is legally secure and compliant.

Home Israeli Law
Home Israeli Law

Real Estate Law

Navigating the complexities of real estate law can be challenging, but our attorneys simplify the process for you. Whether it's property transactions, leases, or disputes, we offer strategic legal advice to protect your real estate interests.

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Israeli Inheritance Law

Inheritance Law in Israel is a complex matter , especially when operation from abroad

Israeli Succession &
Probate Law in Israel

Succession and Probate Law in Israel

Real Estate in Israel

Buying and selling Israeli Real Estate


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Menora Law provided excellent legal advice and support. I highly recommend their services for international clients.

Samantha Johnson

I was impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the Menora Law team. They are truly experts in Israeli law.

Emily White

Exceptional service! Menora Law helped me navigate complex legal issues with ease. Highly recommended for international clients.

Daniel Brown

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Our Israeli attorneys specialize in Israeli law since 2007.
The office of Monera Israeli law in Los Angeles help clients with inheritance in Israel and estate in Israel, purchase & sell real estate in Israel, open a business in Israel or invest in a startup in Israel.
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